Jessica (absinthespark) wrote,

Work Stuff

Tomorrow, I go to orientation and take the "harness test" to get hired at Wag.

For those not in the know, Wag is an app similar to Uber, except instead of an awkward car ride with a stranger, you get an on-demand dog walker.

Instead of driving people to a bar, I'll be walking dogs. That's perfectly fine with me. It's basically a way to supplement my library income, get exercise, and interact with my favorite animal. The pupper. The doggo. The woofmachine.

There are a lot of harnesses for dogs, all with confusing straps and different doohickeys. I have to be able to put on whatever the dogparents throw at me, basically. I have some experience in this department after working at the doggy daycare, but I'm still nervous.

Failure to put on any kind of harness, and you are summarily dismissed. Bummer. I've been studying all day via YouTube tutorials. Easy walk, step-in, gentle leader, over-head, prong collar...

Better not mess this up. I need new glasses and they cost 300 dollars because I have shitty eyes. Yes. That is the official medical term.

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